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Chapter 268 Nothing Is Impossible In The Cultivation World! employ pricey
turkey a past and a future
“You need to forgive us, Senior Grandmaster!”
The personnel recognized the storage space pouch with thrills before checking the heart stones inside.
‘Just how we know have Yuan make an individual like her into his servant?’ Meixiu couldn’t help but come to be wondering.
“Here’s 2,500 character gemstones. Keep the transform.” Feng Yuxiang handed a storage space pouch into the staff member in a nonchalant manner, acting as though she was just buying some low cost foods.
Feng Yuxiang nodded and claimed, “That’s proper. The Young Excel at is undoubtedly an incredible lifestyle that has a countless upcoming. I have only been with him for several weeks so i is only able to picture how sturdy he’ll grow at some point.”
The safeguard quickly transformed around and reacted to the man or woman in the sarcastic sound, “Perfectly, if you have the opportunity to take flight, I am going to also help you bypass the line. How might that seem?”
“Hey! What gives? The reason they get to bypass the line while average folks remain listed here?! What’s stand out about the subject?!” An individual on the series suddenly shouted out boisterous inside a disappointed voice, calling them out.
A couple of instances after, they turned up before the teleportation unit.
“Reason me! Emerging by way of!”
Feng Yuxiang didn’t say anything else and continuing to tactic the teleportation device with Meixiu following behind her.
This amount of money is more than enough to give a complete spouse and children luxuriously for his or her total existence, and they’re intending to devote all of it on transporting? Not actually the most prosperous family within their world would dare to shell out so lavishly.
‘How overbearing…’ Meixiu shown to herself, yet she thought it was somewhat excellent.
“No reason? There are plenty of motives for one to develop into a Cultivator! Money, recognition, status, power… Do you really not have access to desires?” Feng Yuxiang asked her.
Feng Yuxiang nodded and mentioned, “That’s correct. The Young Learn is surely an remarkable lifestyle using a countless potential. We have only been with him for a couple days and so i could only visualize how strong he’ll increase in the foreseeable future.”
The staff proceeded to look at the larger road map which had been pinned into a easily transportable board in the area it had the place for each location within the Lessen Heavens that has a teleportation unit.
“Are you currently fine?” Feng Yuxiang questioned her.
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“I actually do have an individual, but becoming a Cultivator won’t help me to realize that aspiration. It’s out of the question.” Meixiu shook her mind.
This triggered people already in collection to frown, particularly since many were from somewhat significant loved ones, and this was obviously a slap from the encounter directly to them simply because they had to take a position in series like anyone otherwise.
“My desire…” A unique idea shown up in her brain.
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“Difficult? Nothing is difficult inside the cultivation environment! At the least this is just what I figured out after after the Small Excel at to obtain a small amount of time.”
Meixiu nodded.
The folks there were immensely surprised by Feng Yuxiang’s cultivation starting point. Just where on the globe does this Spirit Grandmaster originated from? And exactly how come they don’t recognize her?
“Not possible? Nothing is unattainable from the farming society! No less than this is just what I figured out right after following Small Learn for your small amount of time.”
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Feng Yuxiang nodded and said, “That’s ideal. The Young Learn is surely an awesome existence which has a countless future. I have only been with him for some months and I are only able to imagine how formidable he’ll expand sooner or later.”
“Yes… A bit of dizzy.”
Meixiu felt a little dizzy soon after entering into the teleportation device and the sensation lingered for a time even with the teleportation was concluded.
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“Prestigious Senior citizens, since the Eastern Continent is quite far, you can only teleport one to three places. Are you great with the?” Anybody managing the teleportation device requested them.
“Absolutely no reason? There are numerous motives for one to develop into a Cultivator! Prosperity, fame, condition, power… Do you really not have desires?” Feng Yuxiang questioned her.
The worker accepted the storage space pouch with enthusiasm before keeping track of the soul gemstones within.
Individuals there increased their eye brows in a very baffled method.
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‘3,400,000 rare metal!’ Meixiu was inwardly surprised when she heard the astronomical degree of gold bullion necessary to makes use of the teleportation product.
“The Dragon Essence Temple, appropriate? Produce an instant to look at the map…”

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