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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

NovelDragon King’s Son-In-LawDragon King’s Son-In-Law
Chapter 408 fasten achiever
Defiant Martial God
“Eastern Water Dragon Palace?”
Metal-elemental sword strength! Aluminum mastered wooden!
The real wood-elemental dragon cultivator experienced noticed Hao Ren’s games and located which he was proficient at boxing, but he experienced no dharma treasures or a substantial world .
Ren Yin 179 grunted and tried to beat rear, but his proper calf was pierced from the wood awl which converted and flew rear . Which has a banging noises, the burly cultivator, just about two m extra tall, sat down within the field .
Hao Ren’s palm included more whitened stainless steel-elemental aspect essence!
Which was why he was confident that he could suppress Hao Ren’s Gen-stage ability with one assault! If Hao Ren has been hiding his genuine energy, he would compel Hao Ren to point out it .
The Sunny Side of Diplomatic Life, 1875-1912
The Qingcheng Hill Dragon Palace became a large push from the southeast location, and this timber-elemental dragon cultivator was the daughter with the dragon queen there . Sensing cheated, he received annoyed at Zhao Yanzi’s provocation and lost his temper .
Hao Ren’s palm contained a lot more bright aluminum-elemental aspect substance!
“One has earned six fights consecutively,” Xie Yujia smiled lightly and mentioned .
Obviously, this Ren Yin 197 had been a new star in a entire world-elemental dragon clan . Obtaining been defeated, there is no use to generally be upset, in which he possessed no choice but to return to the mountain ranges and develop really hard for next year’s assessment .
“You are a lousy loser! Unnecessary!” Zhao Yanzi received angrier and produced a deal with on the timber-elemental dragon cultivator .
Due to the fact Zhao Hongyu was anxious about Zhao Guang, Hao Ren made the decision not forgetting Zhao Kuo for the time being .
Given that Zhao Hongyu was anxious about Zhao Guang, Hao Ren determined not forgetting Zhao Kuo at the moment .
In fact, they couldn’t manage to blunder using the Eastern side Water Dragon Palace!
The inspector in charge of the Jing Zhe Area endured plan a ice cold phrase and yelled, “Ren Yin 168 and Ren Yin 246!”
Bang! He fell out of the big market, and dust rose upon his fall .
Discovering men and women converting their eyeballs to him, he aimed at Zhao Yanzi as well as some others with ambiguous qualification and yelled, “They have to happen to be a.s.sisting him with concealed tools!”
Know yourself and know your foe, and you will then not be beaten!
“When you!”
News reports instantly brought on an upheaval surrounding the Jing Zhe Field!
A wide selection of yards gone, Hao Ren could still see the piercing and dominating electricity in Zhao Kuo’s sight!
“You are a poor loser! Worthless!” Zhao Yanzi obtained angrier and made a confront within the timber-elemental dragon cultivator .
If he unleashed his full pressure, perhaps the senior citizens as part of his clan were definitely not his match up .
The 24 arenas were definitely one meter more than the base .
A very thin ray of bright white sword power shot from his minimal finger .
Right after earning, Zhao Kuo searched close to, and his gaze finally turned to Hao Ren who was three compact arenas aside .
On this occasion, Hao Ren clearly spotted Zhao Kuo withdrawing his fist and status there magnificently during the Li Xia Industry .
The hardwood-elemental dragon cultivator had followed Hao Ren’s matches and located that he or she was capable at boxing, but he obtained no dharma treasures or perhaps a large realm .
The hardwood-elemental dragon cultivator experienced discovered Hao Ren’s fits and discovered which he was efficient at boxing, but he experienced no dharma treasures or perhaps a great world .
On this occasion, Hao Ren clearly discovered Zhao Kuo withdrawing his fist and standing there magnificently during the Li Xia Market .
Continuously, Hao Ren moved to the arena, plus the gold dragon embroidery on his shoulder s.h.i.+ned inside the increasing sun energy .
It resulted in the wooden-elemental dragon cultivator was disqualified throughout the compet.i.tion, along with the inspector made the decision that Hao Ren triumphed the suit .
The inspector accountable for this area ignored this issue and removed his right hand . The ident.i.ty token hanging for the midsection on this solid wood-elemental dragon cultivator flew into your inspector’s palm and converted black quickly .
In spite of that, Ren Yin 168 didn’t dare to wind down due to the fact he was reluctant that Hao Ren have been trying to hide his correct energy . He also expected the seniors from his clan to observe Hao Ren’s buddies .
Inside the Jing Zhe Market, a Dui-amount cultivator is at a tough challenge with another Dui-degree cultivator .
Standing during the market, Ren Yin 168 asked for a 15-moment break to alter . This wooden-elemental dragon cultivator would combat Hao Ren whose multitude was Ren Yin 246 after that . If he earned, he would increase seven sequential victories and grow the winner with the Ren Yin crew, generating the qualification to go in the subsequent level from the tests .

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